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Central Poland

Welcome to Central Poland – Lodzkie Region that is a perfect place for taking a rest and relaxing as much as partying and sightseeing! You can spend time here in an interesting way and pay for it less than in other regions of Poland. Amongst recommended activities you will surely find kayaking on the easy to kayak rivers, biking, hiking or horseback riding through the forests and villages of the region. The longest horse trail in Europe is currently being developed in the Lodzkie Region. There are over 200 stables and many agro-tourism farms that keep horses. You do not have to horseback ride. You can enjoy riding in a light carriage or a cart and during winter you can have a lot of fun on the sleigh ride.

Come to central Poland and enjoy it for a perfect weekend or a longer stay!

Region’s places to visit:

UNIEJOW (Uniejów) – This town on the Warta Rver bank became recently very popular among tourists. There is a health resort “Termy Uniejowskie” where you can take a bath in curative geothermal waters - all year round.

LECZYCA (Łęczyca) – in the Leczyca castle every year there are knights tournaments where enthusiasts of such events come from many European countries. During the tournaments the city of Leczyca is always turned into a town with medieval spirit. You can than purchase original craftworks and artefacts as well as some regional food.

TUM – The historic settlement nearby Łęczyca dates back to 11th century. Many concerts take place here from time to time.

LOWICZ (Łowicz) – It is a perfect place for enthusiasts of folk culture. On various occasions through the year the residents of Lowicz dress into their colourful folk costumes to dance and sing. Such events take place on Corpus Christi, Lowicz Days or Lowicz fair. Also very popular among tourists is the local art paper cutting.

SULEJOWSKI RESERVOIR (Zalew Sulejowski) – artificial reservoir on the River Pilica. It is a perfect place for sailing, kayaking and other water sports.

NARROW-GAUGE RAILWAY in Rogów – It is a great tourist attraction of the Lodzkie region. The railway was originally used for transport of the supplies to the frontline during First World War.  Now you can take a trip from Rogów, through Rawa Mazowiecka, to Biała Rawska. It is possible to rent the whole train for a group and organize some events along with the trip.

LODZ (Łódź) – the capital of the region is Poland’s third city in terms of population. In XIX century it was the fastest developing city in Europe as it used to be the centre of textile industry. It was here that Poles, Germans, Jews and Russians coexisted through the years building their production plants and the city.  It is now reminded every year thanks to the “Festival of Four Cultures” (Festiwal Czterech Kultur) Nowadays Lodz is dynamically changing into a modern city leaving however its heritage as a base.

Points of interest:

KSIEZY MLYN (Księży Młyn) – 19th century residential estate of labourers located near the Scheibler’s production plant. It is worth visiting thanks to its exceptional architecture. Also a nearby old production plants are a must see while staying in Lodz.

IZRAEL POZNANSKI PALACE – the most representative building in the centre of Lodz. Built by one of the wealthiest manufacturing plant owners in the city it now hosts a museum and a part of city council.

MANUFAKTURA – right by the Poznanski Palace, very unique shopping mall and entertainment centre that was transformed into this modern complex from one of the largest production plants in Lodz owned by Izrael Poznanski.

PIOTRKOWSKA STREET – the best known street of Lodz famous for its numerous pubs and restaurants. Here you can try Polish or Jewish cuisine and spend an evening in one of the clubs.

JEWISH GRAVEYARD – the largest Jewish Graveyard in Europe, very well preserved. A trip over there will not be forgotten.

LAGIEWNICKI FOREST – the largest city forest in Europe. There are numerous trails for hiking, bike riding and horseback riding. There are also ponds where you can nicely spend some time. In the summer there is possibility to rent a kayak or a paddle boat.